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Magnesium Butter 4 ounce jar


All of our products are made with the purest intention, lots of love, and Reiki infused.

PLEASE NOTE: Our magnesium butter is made to order so please account for that.

Magnesium Body Butter is a great product to apply directly to the skin for extended relief from sore muscles, cramps, & aches and pains. Each batch is whipped up when the order is placed. Will last for at least 2 months at maximum freshness.

Store in the refrigerator for extended use ( and it feels great on sore muscles). Rub into the bottom of your feet prior to bedtime to calm and relax you before you go to sleep.




Magnesium is a master mineral. Getting sufficient magnesium is one of the keys for for health and longevity. Most people today are severely deficient in magnesium, getting less than half of what their ancestors did only a century ago. In a Palaeolithic diet the calcium to magnesium ratio used to be about 1 to 1. On the Standard American diet, it is more like 15 to 1.


Magnesium is essential for your energy, cell growth, nerves, muscles and heart and arterial system. It helps you to relax both physically and mentally. Magnesium dissolves excess calcium in the body. It is antagonistic toward aluminium, cadmium, lead, mercury and nickel, so is essential for good health if you live in a polluted environment.


Health benefits of magnesium


Improves sleep quality.

Calms overactive nerves, relieves stress.

Boosts energy level.

Strengthens immune system.

Hydrates and strengthens skin.

Helps proper muscle function.

Relieves aches, pains, spasms.

Improves bone strength, and protects from loss of bone (osteoporosis).

Required for protection and recovery from arthritis.

Important for recovery from many other degenerative diseases

It is an essential alkaline mineral for detoxification.







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