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Gemstone Facial Roller: Rose Quartz


Gemstone rollers are used for lymphatic massage that clears away toxins and increases blood flow and increase chi. Facial rollers assist in decreasing puffiness, redness, dark circles under eyes. They also help rejuvenate skin. Coupled with the metaphysical properties of the gemstone, they are the perfect addition to your beauty routine.


.Jade Facial Rollers have been used for centuries in the East as part of their beauty regime.






Cleanse face


apply light moisturizer or facial serum


roll the roller up the neck, over the jawline and in an upward and outward motion across the cheeks. Then begin at the midline of the foreward and roll outward from left and then right.




When finished, wipe the roller with a dry cloth and store with your beauty instruments.

Metaphysical Properties:



self love

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